Business or work operations ISIC Section J - Information and communication and functions of government #cofog0460 - Communication (CS) and #cofog0486 - R&D Communication (CS).


Name1 Digital trade
Target Outcome Facilitating knowledge conversion in the economy through the exchange of, and provision of easy access to, data and content.
Social actors and roles
Trigger or preceding interaction risk assessment by the stakeholders in the digital chain
Interfaces and services Portfolio
Inputs and outputs data - digital flows
Stores and tools Digital platforms
Other characteristics
Part of Techno-commercial Interactions (socio-economic activity)
Parts (big) data markets
Succeeding Interactions Trade
Action Realm Operations
Further reading López González, J. and M. Jouanjean (2017), "Digital Trade: Developing a Framework for Analysis", OECD Trade Policy Papers, No. 205, OECD Publishing, Paris.

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