The classifying of content, especially posts in social media and on the internet via the use of structured hashtags.

Among others, useful in the voluntary reporting for the sustainable development goals.


Name1 Tagcoding
Domain #isic9101 - Library and archives activities
Target Outcome The easy retrieval of tagged posts; bringing all posts on a topic in a single timeline
Social actors and roles #tagcoder
Trigger or preceding interaction The definition of systematic hashtags.
The creation, via authoring, the publishing, or the discovery of content that is worth sharing.
Interfaces and services
Inputs and outputs input: a post or article;
output: a post with one or more hashtags in accordance with the topic of the post or article
Stores and tools
Other characteristics
Part of The Classification of online content in support of accelerated knowledge conversion.
Parts Definition of structured hashtags for collaborative use
Succeeding Interactions Search by using the hashtags; Curation of important content in a social capital wiki
Alternatives Looking up content by keywords
Action Realm Operations
Risks The structured hashtags may be used also without the intention to classify the tagged content.
Further reading Smart media for everyone!

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