A review is an evaluation of an initiative, publication, a product, a service or a company.

Typical parameters include the review object, the adopted review procedures, and the review report template.

These are examples of reviews:


Name1 Review
Target Outcome improved confidence on the properties of the review object, and the implied decision options (quality, …)
Social actors and roles The review panel, the originator of the review object, the receiver of the review report.
Trigger or preceding interaction Submission of the review assignment.
Interfaces and services Access to facts and data (evidence supporting the review activities)
Inputs and outputs input: the review object; output: the review recommendation
Stores and tools A review report on the basis of a review report template
Other characteristics
Part of for instance Regulative Cycle
Parts for instance sub-procedures such as request for an expert opinion on a specific topic
Succeeding Interactions
Alternatives accept the object, or take a decision on it, without review
Action Realm Monitoring & Evaluation
Risks a review panel may be biased, for instance because its members are closely related to the originator of the review object
Further reading Wikipedia: Review

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