Programme Management is the coordinated organization , direction and implementation of a dossier of projects and transformation activities (i.e. the programme) to achieve outcomes and realize benefits of strategic importance.1
Programme Management is a vital component in the delivery of change; whether change to public or customer services, or change within organisations, worksystems or livelihoods. In any public-private context, Programme Management is what the best innovators have always done, though they may not have called it that way; thinking through the end-to-end process to translate new ideas and policy into delivery plans and into desired outcomes.

The structure and content of the coverage of Programme Management is based on OGC Programme Management - Managing Successful Programmes (MSP), with this definition of programme. The content has been modified to fit with the activities and content required for Participatory Learning and Action2.

Recommended for complex change.

Long running, usually several years. It is common to define a number of gates (gate 0 = programme start, gate 1, …, gate n = programme end) to consolidate the baseline and intermediate results and take decisions on how to proceed with (or stop) the programme.

Involvement of multiple stakeholders and actors who undertake to modify the actants and interactions of the work system of interest.

The translation of the new ideas into delivery plans makes use of so-called products (specifications, non-tangibles) that fit together as required by their product configuration.

The implementation of the delivery plans will involve the embodiment of the specifications as tangibles, this is as non-human actants and modified behaviour of human actors (for instance following training).


Name3 Programme Management
Target Outcome As specified in Common TO BE
Social actors and roles Programme Manager,…
Trigger or preceding interaction Monitoring & Evaluation
Interfaces and services Baseline Blueprint
Inputs and outputs In: New Ideas, Programme Mandate; Out: …
Stores and tools Focussed at different content elements of Baseline and Blueprint.
Other characteristics
Part of Institutional Interactions
Parts Programme Start Up; Governing a Programme; Managing the Portfolio (including Project Management); Closing a Programme; Managing Benefits
Succeeding Interactions Monitoring & Evaluation
Alternatives —-
Action Realm All three realms: Operations Monitoring & Evaluation Change
Further reading OGC Programme Management

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